Music is an important part of your teen’s identity. Teaching guitar for over five years at Denver Science and Technology High School, I know teens learn by playing the music they love.

Teen taking guitar lesson

At the high school, we worked together to pick songs that they knew and could play within their level of experience.
Each trimester we had a school wide performance. The students learned about stage presence, the fear and thrill of playing in front of their peers, the level of practice and commitment it takes to not only learn a song but to really entertain your crowd, how to work together, how to be a reliable bandmate by practicing and showing up prepared and the feeling of accomplishment.

So many benefits come with learning a musical instrument. Focus and attention, patience and discipline and the ability to stay with something, even when it gets frustrating. The brain on music is quicker, you have better auditory attention, memory and coordination skills, and
emotional development. Music strengthens social bonds with others. Think about your favorite band. They can only make a record when they have contact, coordination and cooperation with one another.

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“I have seen Robyn take a classroom full of high school students, most of whom have never even picked up a guitar before, and in just a few class periods she has them playing chords, working on songs, and importantly, having fun with music.” – Doug C.

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