We are all musical. Learning and playing guitar can bring so much joy into our daily lives. Now more than ever we need that creative outlet, a place we can go to connect, find more meaning in our lives and also just to have some fun. Guitar has provided that for me and many of my students. Why not you?

My hope is you will be an active participant as we learn by playing songs. Songs that you want to learn. Songs that you love! And for students there’s access to Lesson Videos on YouTube! Let’s put the “play” back into playing.

Private Lessons: One-on-one. If you want full individualized attention, honest feedback, and to progress faster, this is the path for you. Maybe you have developed bad habits as a player or are nervous because you don’t even know how to hold a guitar (your back will thank you later). One hundred percent “me” time. 

Semi-Private Lessons: Grab a buddy and bring a smile to your face. It’s like riding a bicycle built for two (without your thighs burning).  I have worked with mother/daughter, father/daughter, father/son and just friends wanting some hang time.  You enjoy each other while receiving encouragement and expert instruction. 

Group Class – Tuesday Nights at Parisi

Group Lessons: Few instruments equal a guitar when it comes to uniting people. Build friendships, have fun and learn from each other. Taking lessons with others normalizes the process. Someone may be struggling with the same skill you are or with nailing a riff. Celebrate, commiserate and rejuvenate! It’s like drinking wine with friends without the headache. The most affordable option, but you still get individualized teacher attention, encouragement and a weekly goal. Learn by playing songs that you love while enjoying some “we” time. Access a video each week to help you along with your practice. 

Lessons for Kids: Shorter attention spans need shorter lessons. 30 minutes of engaging your learner in a structured, yet spontaneous and fun environment. They learn how to play guitar, but we might do the hokey pokey and turn ourselves around at any moment.

Lessons for Teens: The guitar can express sadness, joy, angst, rebellion, so many emotions that may feel euphoric, uncomfortable and uncontrollable. Emotions that need to be experienced and expressed. They can play for themselves, friends, join a band. The guitar can be their vehicle to create confidence. Go fast, go slow but go!

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