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Learning to play guitar as an adult changed my life. I found a part of me inside that could create, learn, grow and express through music. It has been a journey of love, patience, perseverance, passion and a whole lot of playing.

My journey started at Forte Music Education where I first learned to play and then received teacher training and curriculum development. I then taught group classes for 5 years at Forte Music Education. I taught guitar at Denver Science and Technology High School for 5 years, working with teens in 9-12 grade. I taught after school guitar class at Brown Elementary.

My interest in music has propelled me forward to learn music history and music theory. I love playing in a band, The Westside Detours. I have had wonderful teachers, and fellow musicians who have guided my playing and growth. I am still actively learning everyday.

I enjoy teaching all ages – from never-evers to intermediate players – who want to expand musically. I am a whole-hearted musician and teacher who believes in helping others discover the joy of making music. Performing and playing with others, I believe is such a rewarding part of everyone’s musical journey. Watch this video of our annual event, the Totally Awesome Recital.

“Robyn has been a fantastic instructor, supporter and motivator as I discover the world of guitar and making music. Learning guitar as an older adult has had its challenges for me, and Robyn has been understanding of them and worked with me to overcome them. Can’t say enough about how much I enjoy her lessons!”

— Gary S., Student

Playing in a band can really up your musical game! I know from experience (that’s me in the hat!) Let me help you get “band” ready. Reach out to me for group or private lessons.

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